Bird Watcher: A Novel


Bird Watcher: A Novel

An Aviation Mystery

Santa Clara Valley author and pilot Marjorie Johnson announces her recently published novel about a small airplane stolen from Palo Alto Airport, California, where the final approach is so close to the “duck pond” that birders with binoculars can read the tail numbers and pilots are ever vigilant for bird activity. In the thriller Bird Watcher, the villain watches mechanical birds from wildlife refuges.

When Jerry Christensen’s Cessna 172 disappears from its tie-down, the FBI writes him off as a crackpot and the insurance company won’t pay for the missing airplane. Jerry, a schoolteacher and unprepared to pursue a criminal, acts on hunches and makes outrageous plans until he meets the teen-aged boy who flew the missing airplane. Then Jerry ventures into real danger. He uses his imagination and his piloting knowledge to chase the thief known only as “the Bird Watcher” and “the captain” across California and the western states. The fast paced novel Bird Watcher will surprise you with its plot twists and humor.

Marjorie’s well-researched book takes you on an aerial adventure while solving the mystery of the stolen airplanes. Bird Watcher: A Novel is available from and appears in the gallery section of the California Writers Club, South Bay Branch, webpage .

Marjorie Bicknell Johnson taught high school mathematics in Santa Clara for thirty years and wrote many research articles appearing in The Fibonacci Quarterly and other professional journals; this is her first novel. For a signed copy, she can be contacted at